2017 Leelanau Color Tour Report

updated Monday, October 16, 2017

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Autumn lakes reflect summer’s best dreams

OCTOBER 16 – Fall color straight-up stalled for the last couple of weeks, but is starting to assert itself, with more pockets of color to be found. Heather took this photo of Saturday on Lake Ann, just south of the Leelanau line. Follow her at Snap Happy Gal Photography on Facebook for lots more including her stunning night shots!

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Color Tour … M22 autumnal shift

OCTOBER 2 – Fall color is picking up nicely around the County with reds & oranges starting to make their appearance. This photo was taken this weekend along M-22 about 3 miles south of Leland in front of the Snowbird Inn. There are spots of good color, and warm weather forecast for the week will ensure excellent color touring this weekend and likely through all of next week and weekend. See a TON more from this year and years past in Ken’s massive Color Tour slideshow.

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