Leelanau Cherry Blossom Report

We’ll update the state of cherry blossoms in Leelanau here. If you have a report to share, post it in the comments below!

Leelanau by Jeff Lamb

Last update: April 29, 2016

Cherry blossoms are probably at least a week out for tart cherries, with sweets expected around May 14th.

Dr. Nikki Rothwell, director of the Northwest Michigan Horticultural Research Station, has told us that although sweets typically blossom first with tarts coming 3-5 days after, there have been years when they’ve come at the same time. She noted that cherries are only receptive to be fertilized for a week or so, no matter how long the blossoms are out. Years when we do have an enduring blossom can even be detrimental to fertilization as bees don’t like to fly when it’s cold.

Keep an eye on at least one tree with the Hort station’s Cherry Orchard webcam.

The photo is Leelanau by Jeff Lamb. See more in his Leelanau slideshow.

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