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Computers in the schools and the Internet on every computer!

There are those who would have us believe that if we just say "Technology" enough, pull a few wires and sacrifice some money to the mysterious Powers with names like Intel, Cisco, Apple and (of course) Microsoft, it will cast some sort of spell on our students and schools, magically transforming the schools into castles of wonder and our students into the brave (if slightly geeky) heroes we'll need to face the challenges of the future.

I'm offering a handful of magic beans to anyone who believes that any of this glorious future of education is going to come about in the plug and play multimedia style you see on the TV. It's going to take work, my friends. The hard work of dedicated teachers and students, working together to come to terms with all this glorious new technology, and, above all, big dreams.


For aid in reading and viewing the magazine, each article concludes with our "navigation bar", allowing you to "page" through the magazine. Keep checking back to the Table of Contents, because we have a few articles soon to join our initial offerings. I would encourage you to play around a little, to get the feel of our publication. Although we have tried to make it similar in layout and "feel" to that of a traditional print magazine, there's bound to be some surprises.

-Andrew McFarlane, March 21st, 1997
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