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Book Review
Discovering Beaver Island
by Scott E. Schopieray
Discovering Beaver Island, the new book by authors and Beaver Island residents Bill and Jeff Cashman, offers an islander's look at the present, past and future of the island. The book is formatted as a collection of short essays exploring the places and events of this Lake Michigan island. Interspersed are accounts from some of the Cashman's excursions across the island. The essays are accompanied by 440 full-color pictures from around the Lake Michigan archipelago. Sailboats moored in Paradise Bay
A Lighthouse The use of historical recollections interwoven with the pictures and description are really what makes the book interesting. Through the images and text, even readers who have never visited the island are able to experience and mentally "visit" the places the Cashmans describe. The historical facts woven into the essays are judiciously placed, keeping the book more of a story rather than a history lesson. Truly a fine piece of work, Discovering Beaver Island should be on everyone's bookshelf or coffee table.

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