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With Your Smile
by Mark Phillips

"I beg you from the bottom of my heart:
smile, be gracious to me just as you promised."
Psalm 119:58

Midnight rides my mind in future anguish,
anticipation gives way to rote-on-the-ropes
overagain routine.
My heartbeat races ahead of my head while
crooked fingers invite me to despair
and falsecomfort prophets again.

I'd rather rise and risk thanksgiving than worry again abed,
but tv screens are crazy soothing
and internet is comfortable folly
infomercials are better buddies in predawn
foggy carnality.

but I need Your smile.
give me what I'll never deserve
let me set my mind on midnight offerings
let my darkheart sing Your light at night
let the couch of my comfort
become my kneeling rail to call
on the only One who smiles before
and after

look on me
whether I cry or call
fail or fall
look on me
and melt my sin,
shame, shattered-heart,

with Your smile
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  • Copyright 1998 Manitou Publishing Co. & Mark Phillips • All Rights Reserved.

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