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Words on the Water
poetry by Maggie Figgis

Maggie grew up in northern Michigan and lives now in Boston. Like many who have moved away, her dreams still turn back to home.

        the power of Mother Nature

     the untouched and unkept power
     of the North country...
     the sights and sounds seem to
     stay with you
     long after you have departed

     Mother Nature truly comes to life in the North
     and her overwhelming power is simply...
     Peace of Mind

     the power of her sunset turns
     tension into serenity

     the power of her warm spring breeze turns
     anger into compassion

     the power of her Northern lights turns
     complacency into intrigue

     these powers of Mother Nature...
     this serenity,
     this compassion,
     this intrigue...
     is all around us and is universal

     but most importantly...
     this power allows all of Human Nature to experience
     Peace of Mind

Leelanau County Student Journal--Exposures '96
the Petoskey stone the Petoskey stone is a reminder of love at one time, the fossils were separate at one time, they had individual meaning at one time, they were alone yet after many years passed, all of the pieces came together as one just as love adds to the beauty of life, the smooth finish adds to the stone and in the end... a beautiful gem is formed
Though we are as yet unable to pay for them, the Northern Michigan Journal welcomes your poetry submissions. Please e-mail in plain text format to If you have a home page or any biographical information, please include that as well.
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