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H I G H L Y   S Y M B O L I C
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by Mark A. Luedi & Andrew L. McFarlane

Mark A. Luedi:
The Ron Getz Trio's new album, Highly Symbolic, is a collection of high-octane high-geared 70s-inflected power fusion. This is not for entertaining guests at tea. Although Ron may be driving the same musical vehicle as he has been previously, he's driving it across some new and pretty rugged terrain.

This music has few handles - it's as elusive as a quantum dose of deja vu. It is in small parts reminiscent of John McLaughlin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra from the early 70s, but only perhaps in terms of texture; and where Mahavishnu McLaughlin explored and mapped the soundscapes, Getz just tears through with unabashed aplomb.
Highly Symbolic is the Ron Getz Trio's first album in its present configuration, but Ron has put out two other albums to date:
Ego State recorded in New York and
Holy Land with Anthony Cox and Arto Tuncboyacian
Ron Getz:
"Holy Land (Enja Records) is still over in Europe--hasn't been released yet over here. I hope it will--Anthony's one of the great bassists and Arto is amazing on percussion and vocals."
Andrew L. McFarlane:
How did this current trio come together?
"Travis and I were playing with Kenny Olson and through Travis, I met Ryan, who's in the Dopes as well. We clicked right off."
What about the recording process?
"The tunes are my compositions or Ryan's, but the arrangement of each is really everybody's. The recording was pretty smooth. We did most of it live in the studio--one take."
What kind of music would you choose to play?
"This kind. If I could make a living at it, definitely my own. I'm playing a lot--sometimes jazz, sometimes blues, sometime this, sometimes all in the same day. With Travis and Ryan it's always groove oriented -- they've been playing together for years and bring a lot of energy to the rythm section. I don't even consider this album necessarily a jazz album--more of a high energy fusion rock, for lack of a better term."
Getz' guitar sizzles and soars, seethes and occasionally moans, alternately driving, falling back, running amuck on scales, easing through some momentary laid-back grooves. The supporting cast is superb: Ryan Truax on bass providing rich flavors which sometimes provide the only aural cohesion; Travis Harrett's snappy and ever-morphing drumming; and deftly lending a nice touch and additional depth are Paul White on keyboards and the horns of Jimmy Gallagher on trombone and Leo Dombecki on tenor.
So where do you like to play?
"My favorite is Little Bo's, of all places, and Dillingers as well--the people are nice there. The CD release at the Dennos with Arthur Blythe on alto sax was great too. I'd like to play more alternative rock and thrash metal places."
What about the disc's title?
"Highly Symbolic? I forget, really..."
   H I G H L Y     S Y M B O L I C

  c  r  e  d  i  t  s
 guitars:         Ron Getz
 drums :    Travis Harrett
 electric bass: Ryan Truax
(& chapman stick)
  keys: paul white
  trombone: jimmy gallagher
  tenor sax: leo dombecki
 recorded: full circle recording
 art: glenn wolff
 photos: glen graves
The Ron Getz Trio can be heard at Dillingers in Traverse City on many Thursdays and can be reached at 616-947-0082.
The disc can be found (among other locations) at New Moon Records, the Sound Room, ABCDs, Good News Guitar, Otter Creek Music and Mr. Gigs.

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