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Bourcier, Julin, & Wolf Live at St. Andrew's
by Andrew L. McFarlane
Bourcier, Julin & Wolf: Live at St. Andrew's Live at St. Andrew's from Bourcier, Julin, & Wolff falls squarely into my favorite musical category, "undefined". Listeners will enjoy a strong jazz current with pronounced European and bluegrass influences. The disc was (with the exception of two tracks) recorded live at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Beulah, Michigan and carries the kind of energy you only get from a live show.

Alternately bright and sharp and soft and flowing, Don Julin's mandolin is equally comfortable out in front of the music or stepping behind it. Don has appeared on numerous regional and international albums spanning a wide range of styles and is also an accomplished recording engineer.

Glenn Wolff, known to the wider world as an artist and illustrator, demonstrates with the stand up bass why he doesn't devote all his time to his artwork.

Tom Bourcier, who made a guest appearance on a previous release by Julin & Wolff: Brite Lights, Big Insects, rounds out the trio on accordion. His playing provides a mood that permeates the album.

The interplay between these three fine musicians is a pleasure to experience. From the haunting melody of Nightbirds to the quietly manic Hee Haw Hoe Down to a decidedly different rendition of Evening Prayer Blues by bluegrass legend Bill Monroe, the sheer breadth of the disc is enough to keep any ear happily occupied.

My advice: Get the disc, set the CD player to "loop" and while away a couple of days.

Dennos Museum Center's
Milliken Auditorium

Saturday, January 6, 2001 at 8:00 PM

Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door. Call the Milliken Auditorium Box Office @ 231-995-1553 from 1-6 PM or fax your request to 231-995-1597.
The Musicians
Photo by Steve Davis

For more about the musicians and to order the CD, please visit their web site at:

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