2007 Tour de Leelanau Results, Photos & Video

In the peleton by John Clement Howe

Garrett Peltonen (Priority Health) won the men’s race of the Tour de Leelanau with a time of 4:21:03. He finished just 18 seconds ahead of Ryan Roth (Kelly Benefit Strategies) and Scott Zwanski (Priority Health) finished third. In the women’s race, Tina Pic (Priority Health) took the medal with a time of 3:17:58, defeating Laura van Gilder (UCI Cheerwine) in a photo finish with Julie Bellerose (Team Aberdeen) just 3 seconds behind.

They have posted complete results from the Tour de Leelanau web site, and we’ll add links to other articles as they are published. Here’s the Leelanau Enterprise story with some great photos. The article also says:

If things go as planned, the 2008 Tour de Leelanau will be held on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. Brown said with the Tour de Missouri endurance race being held over an eight-day period in September 2008, most of the professional race teams would not be available to compete in the Tour de Leelanau if it continues to be held on the third Saturday in September.

The photo above is In the peleton by John Clement Howe and you can get some great photos of the Tour de Leelanau from Flickr (slideshow) and check out a video of the start of the men’s 2007 Tour de Leelanau and also the Herman Rd King of the Mountain on YouTube.

Robert Dobbie from the Wolverine Sports Club Elite Road Team has an entertaining racer’s account of the Tour de Leelanau that you should definitely read for passages like this:

Tower Rd (mile 60) seemed shorter but steeper than last year, but I had pretty good legs for it. I also got an extra boost from what seemed like a hundred fans gathered Tour de France style at the top. We passed through single file to the sound of ear-ringing cheers and clanging bells. That was fun.