A Northport – Charleviox Passenger Ferry?

Chris Blessing, a junior at Northport Public School, has been researching the possibility of a passenger ferry between Northport and Charlevoix. He argues the benefits of a ferry on his website, that he started for a school project. Chris says:

A passenger ferry service running between the towns of Northport and Charlevoix is the perfect business opportunity to bring income back into the region. Northport is a great place to visit, and thousands of people know that already. However, there is nothing really happening to help make any difference. Sure there are the art galleries, restaurants, and Grand Traverse Lighthouse, but that is too one sided. “Travel is strongly linked to employment and transit expenditures, and is probably most strongly linked to employment growth, increased household incomes, and the growth of two-worker families” (Kamen). Nothing could be better for Northport. More income equals more purchasing which equals more growth. Factors like these form a stable economy. It is capitalism at its finest.

Be sure to check out his site, where he has many examples, flow charts, and considerations for the idea of the passenger ferry. What do you think? Would it work? Good idea? Bad idea? Please feel free to leave comments here, but Chris also has room for opinions on his site.

Photo: PowerPlant by The Real Ferg (The view of Charlevoix from Northport.)

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  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    Thanks for blogging this! The picture really gets the point across too. The site’s still a work in progress, but I hope everyone will like it.

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