Bay View Trail

The Bay View Trail is divided into small loops that total 8 miles. There are many exciting things to see along its many different routes. Part of the trail runs directly behind the barn of the Charles Olsen Farm which is home to Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear. The Port Oneida School is located just off of the trail and you can stop and pump some water and rest your weary bones on the front porch or a picnic table under a tree near the school. Lookout Point gives a panoramic view of Lake Michigan and the surrounding countryside. The trail along the edge of the woods on top of the bluff overlooks fields of wildflowers and former farmland with Lake Michigan in the background. Hiking the Bay View trail gives you several beautiful vistas of Lake Michigan, the farms, and North and South Manitou Islands.

For even more information on the Bay View Trail, you can ask the National Parks Service.

Cool things to do: Rest at the Charles Olsen Farm, check out the buildings and go inside the house to learn some history about the area (Port Oneida), or rest at the Port Oneida School, cool off with some hand pumped water, or sit on the porch relaxing.

Make sure to return to the area on the 10th and 11th of August for the Point Oneida Fair.



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