2024 Omena Mayoral Candidates

The 2024 Omena Mayor Race is ON!

The Omena Mayoral Election is now underway, a uniquely Leelanau tradition to elect a local pet as mayor that began in 2009
4th, Up North ... ground burst! II by Ken Scott Photography

Leelanau & TC 2024 Fourth of July Calendar

Here's our list of Leelanau's 2024 Fourth of July celebrations.
Dancing Northern Lights by Ethan Honke

Fireworks, but quieter

As we get ready for the fireworks, don't forget about the other nighttime lightshow - the aurora borealis!! They are very possible tonight.
Leelanau Pickleball Courts

Leelanau Pickleball Courts

The game of pickleball has been sweeping the nation, and Leelanau is no exception.

Celebrate Leelanau Surfing at Beryl Days!!

A weekend long celebration of surfing, food, music, Lake Michigan & having fun in honor of co-founder Beryl Skrocki.

2024 Cedar Polka Fest in Jeopardy??

The Cedar Polka Fest Foundation still does not have a lease agreement with Solon Township

Lake Leelanau Lightning!

Here's hoping everyone is safe & dry after that storm ripped through!!
Lake Michigan ... strawberry moon by Ken Scott Photography

Summer Solstice & the Strawberry Moon

The summer solstice is the point when the sun reaches its highest and northernmost point in the sky & the moment that summer officially begins.

Petoskey is more than a stone

As a lot of you head to the beaches seeking Michigan's state stone, I thought it was an excellent time to re-share this essay.
Rainbows Over Lake Michigan by James Eye View Photography

Double Rainbows over Lake Michigan

James got some great shots of a double rainbow at sunrise over Lake Michigan in Empire yesterday morning.

Seth Bernard & Jordan Hamilton in Concert Sunday!

The first concert in the 2024 Lively Lands Concert Series is this Sunday, headlined by one of our favorite dads, Seth Bernard.

Fire up the shortcake, it’s Strawberry Season!!

The Bardenhagens checked to see if the berries were ready to pick and it turns out they ARE!!