Brad Lutz & Sugar Loaf

View from Devils ElbowThe Enterprise has a little more about Sugar Loaf in this week’s paper, but since they haven’t posted it, I thought I’d link to this article about Sugar Loaf suitors and Omena residents Brad & Linda Lutz from last week.

I should also link over to the Traverse City Record-Eagle, whose editors say Brad has a steep hill to climb and though:

It’s easy to imagine Brad Lutz as just another Sugar Loaf victim in waiting. He’s never done this before and he is treading where others have failed.

But a lot of people also wrote off Ray Minervini, the developer who took over the Grand Traverse Commons and, step by step, has revitalized parts of the former state hospital grounds.

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  1. Karl Kitchen
    Karl Kitchen says:

    Considering the nature and amount of work that will be necessary to get the resort up and running again, work on the hill itself will most likely have to begin as soon as the snow’s gone. Looks like Brad isn’t afraid of the long slog that this might turn into. Then again, as the old saying goes, the best runs are those you work the hardest to get to.

    As soon as Brad announces a job fair or wants to host anything for prospective staff for the resort, I plan on being there. I had several years at the resort and would like very much to be a part of its revival.

  2. lex
    lex says:

    Being in the snowsports industry for about 13years I’ve seen a lot of different plans, what works & what doesn’t. Just by the nature of our economy, the weather & general liabilities, I think a modest/safe approach is the best. Brad will have a lot of engineering costs/work, insurance for ski areas is brutal & the fact that most everything needs to be replaced (check for classifieds). However, it’s sometimes better to start from scratch, doing it step by step is better than trying to fix or re-engineer the whole place. The companies that I see that are successful(show a profit)are diverse(softgoods,food) & try to be a year round business(mtn biking,golf,hiking or a narcon drug rehab clinic…lol) instead of just 1 season business or who focus on the appearance of success.

  3. lex
    lex says:

    Well, is listing sugarloaf for sale…for the pocket change amount of 5.7million…I’m just a little short by a few zeros. Wonder if this is to put pressure on Mr. Lutz or the deal is off.

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