The Great Cherry Escape by Ken Scott Photography

Turkey’s Trade Trickery Torments Tart Growers

The Record-Eagle reports on some international trade trickery that is having a significant impact right here in Leelanau County!

Leelanau Gets a Shoutout from Outer Space!

NASA astronaut Christina Koch tweeted the photo above that perfectly captures the Leelanau Peninsula with the caption "Waving to the mitten! Greetings to my friends and family in Michigan. The Great Lakes are as stunning from space as they are in person."

Saluting The Leland Report!

Congratulations to Keith & Jim Burnham for crossing the 5000 fan mark for their enduring daily photo blog, The Leland Report.

Rainbow Trout & Steelhead in Leelanau County

Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) are delicious fish are native to the Pacific watershed, coming to Michigan when eggs were imported from California in 1876. Learn more including fishing season!

David Dempsey Recognized for Michigan Water Work

Dave Dempsey honored with Clarence Kroupa Award by NMEAC for work on policy for conservation and the preservation of the Great Lakes.

The Bay Theatre at 100 Days

This morning's Ticker has a great article by Craig Manning on the (New) Bay Theatre's First 100 Days ... And Its Future that explains the first 100 days of the Suttons Bay anchor's transition from ownership by the Bahle family to a nonprofit theater “by the people, for the people.”

Checking in with Sugar Loaf Owner Jeff Katofsky

The Glen Arbor Sun has a solid recap of Sugar Loaf owner Jeff Katofsksy's recent call regarding the long-shuttered resort with county & township officials about topics including a vineyard, hotel plans & the possibility of a return of skiing!

#TBT: Remembering Another Spring Storm

Here's a "Throwback Thursday" to March 4, 2012 from near Suttons Bay when Leelanau got ROCKED with up to 20" of snow. While we're seeing snow at rates over 2" per hour right now, it looks like things are turning to rain later today & tonight!!

Northport Energy Presenting 100% Renewable Plan for Leelanau

Northport Energy invites you to a presentation by the UM School of Environment and Sustainability graduate students of their final report on a 100% renewable energy plan for Leelanau County this Saturday, April 13 at the Leelanau County Governmental Center from 1-3 PM.

Breweries Turning to Michigan (and Leelanau) Hops

An in-depth look at how Michigan breweries are turning to the state's hop industry which gets a lot of its output from right here in the Leelanau Peninsula! Includes a great photo gallery!

Leelanau is Least Obese County in Michigan

Today's "Bad News with a Silver Lining" department says an estimated 32.3% of Michigan adults were obese in 2018, but that Leelanau is the least obese at 31%.

New Beach Walls Installed in Leland

Members of the group Stay Off the Damn Shoreline (SODS) hailed the completion by Homeland Security of two sections of wall at the Leland road ends historically used as beaches.