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2024 Cedar Polka Fest in Jeopardy??

The Cedar Polka Fest Foundation still does not have a lease agreement with Solon Township

Fire up the shortcake, it’s Strawberry Season!!

The Bardenhagens checked to see if the berries were ready to pick and it turns out they ARE!!

Leland’s Bluebird Tavern & the Telgard Legacy

Abby Chatfield gives a great look at the how & why of the renovation and the history of one of Leelanau's leading restaurant families.
Bruce & Debbie Simpson Good Harbor Winery 1995

History of the Leland Wine Festival

While we'd usually be reminding you about the annual Leland Wine & Food Festival coming up this weekend, Michigan's most venerable wine celebration was canceled this year due to a boater complaint.
at Bardenhagen Berries Farm

Strawberries just around the corner!

They are thinking strawberry season could begin around the weekend of June 7-9th!
Sweet Cherries in Bloom by Bardenhagen Berries Farm

Blossom Patrol: Leelanau Peninsula Edition

The The Bardenhagen Berries Farm shares that sweet cherries 🍒 are in full bloom!
Plow Day 2024

Plow Day at Ruby Ellen Farm ~ Sunday, May 19th

Draft horse plowing, Wagon rides, harnessing and other demos, museums, hands-on activities, free seedlings for kids, a miniature horse, Model A from the Leelanau Historical Society, will be showcased.

The Brief but Thrilling Saga of Empire’s Sugar Bear

The Glen Arbor Sun shared this video of a VERY persistent bear that made off with a 50-pound bag of sugar & also apparently has a taste for chicken

Sleeping Bear Antique Apple Pruning Workshop

The workshop will focus on maintenance of neglected apple trees and how to bring them back into production and maintain their health.

Opening Day for the Cheese Shanty in Fishtown!!

Capistrano has its swallows, Holland has its tulips, but for Leland & Leelanau County, one of the sure signs of Spring is Opening Day at the Village Cheese Shanty in Fishtown.

Lively NeighborFood Market coming to SW Leelanau!

New market on M-72 will be a vibrant community food hub where fun, food and families can all happen together!

Northport creating “social district” for outdoor consumption of alcohol

The Leelanau Ticker's Art Bukowski shares that the village of Northport is creating Leelanau's first social district that will allow people to take alcoholic beverages bought in bars or restaurants and drink them in outdoor areas.