Fishtown, Leland, MI by Dan Gaken

Going long in Fishtown

Cool long exposure from Fishtown last summer.
Fishtown Art Shanty

The Fishtown Art Shanty could be your shop!

The Fishtown Art Shanty is a pop up space where artists, craftsmen and makers can be an intimate part of the Fishtown experience for a week from late May through October.
The House at the End of the Dock by Mark Smith

The House at the End of the Dock

I can't be the only person who wishes I lived in the Hall Cottage in Fishtown!

Leelanau guest stars in Carhart/Guinness commercial

The Leelanau Ticker shared a new St. Patrick’s Day commercial from Carhartt and Guinness recently shot on the Leelanau Peninsula by Grand Rapids director Kevin Steen.
Fishtown Frozen by Mark Smith

Fishtown Frozen

Mark writes: Sunny but oh so cold in Fishtown yesterday.
Fishtown's Joy by Mark Smith

Commercial fish producers file lawsuit against DNR

The Leelanau Ticker reports that the Michigan Fish Producers Association (MFPA) has filed a class action lawsuit against the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to protect the future commercial fishing in Leland’s Fishtown and the rest of the Great Lakes.
Christmas at Fishtown by Michigan Nut Photography

Christmas in Fishtown

Here's a stunning shot from 2018 showing Leland's Fishtown all lit up for the holidays that John McCormick of Michigan Nut Photography shared.
The Blues Fishtown today by Mark Smith

The Fishtown Blues

Stunning shot from the other day in Fishtown by Mark Smith!!

All Tied Up in Fishtown

Mark took this photo of Manitou Island Transit's Mishe Mokwa a few days ago. For the first year in over 100, the family owned ferry company won't be making regular runs to take people to North & South Manitou Islands.
Cheese Shanty Makes You Go Yum in Fishtown

Village Cheese Shanty opens for summer May 21st!

One of the most beloved signs of spring is the annual re-opening of the Village Cheese Shanty in Fishtown. Good news - they open tomorrow for the summer!

Summer Sunset in Fishtown

The folks @PureMichigan on Twitter thought that this photo of a summer sunset in Leland's Fishtown by Gary Ennis was a perfect fit for their #SunsetSunday hashtag! We can't help but agree!!

Saluting The Leland Report!

Congratulations to Keith & Jim Burnham for crossing the 5000 fan mark for their enduring daily photo blog, The Leland Report.