Dancing Northern Lights by Ethan Honke

Fireworks, but quieter

As we get ready for the fireworks, don't forget about the other nighttime lightshow - the aurora borealis!! They are very possible tonight.
Lake Michigan ... strawberry moon by Ken Scott Photography

Summer Solstice & the Strawberry Moon

The summer solstice is the point when the sun reaches its highest and northernmost point in the sky & the moment that summer officially begins.
Piping Plover Chick by Bill VanderMolen

Park Protects Piping Plover

If you’re on the Lake Michigan shore in Sleeping Bear this weekend, there’s a chance you may see one of these small shorebirds scurrying along the water’s edge with some unique legwear.
Northern Lights dancing over Christmas Cove by Captures By Ethan

Northern Lights over Cathead Bay

Captures By Ethan shared this stunning photo from Christmas Cove Beach of the Aurora Borealis dancing over Lake Michigan on Monday night.
Super Blue Moon over Northport Bay 8-30-23 by Mark Morton

Super Blue Moon over Northport Bay

Did you get a chance to see the moon last night? If not, Mark has you covered!! 
Narnia Webcam on Little Glen Lake

Leelanau County & Traverse City Michigan Webcams

Views of Empire, Leland, Glen Arbor, Lake Leelanau, Old Mission, Frankfort, and Traverse City - all from the comfort of your chair!

Surf’s Up at Sleeping Bear Surf & Kayak

Great feature on opportunities for kids (and adults) to learn to surf, paddleboard & have all kinds of fun on the water with Sleeping Bear Surf & Kayak.
Diving the Kyle Spangler by Chris Roxburgh

Interview with Shipwreck Diver Chris Roxburgh

The Leelanau Ticker has a great feature on local shipwreck diver & frequent Leelanau.com contributor Chris Roxburgh.
Days of Hazy Splendor by Mark Smith

Days of Hazy Splendor

Here's hoping this summer is bringing you some days of hazy splendor!!
Twilights Last Gleaming by Mark Smith

Twilight’s Last Gleaming

While Mother Nature almost certainly has another blast of cold in store, it looks like we'll have temps in the 50s again today & temps mainly above freezing ahead.
Sunny but Cold by Mark Smith

Sunny but cold

An awesome shot by Mark from Leland's South Beach.
Ice Cave Sunset by Mark Miller

Ice Cave Memories

Today a photo from back in 2014 of the massive ice coverage along the coast of the Leelanau Peninsula showed up in my memories today. While we've got nothing like that this year, I figured it would still be nice to take a look back.