2024 Omena Mayoral Candidates

The 2024 Omena Mayor Race is ON!

The Omena Mayoral Election is now underway, a uniquely Leelanau tradition to elect a local pet as mayor that began in 2009
Bear over in Omena by Karen Janus

Black Bear near Omena & Northport!

Karen Janus shared this photo from her Ring doorbell of a black bear going after her bird feeders!
David and Sally on the front porch of Tamarack in 1992. Courtesy Traverse, the Magazine, January 1992

The story of Omena’s Tamarack Gallery

Omena Village Preservation Association shares the wonderful story of how Sally & David Viskochil came to own the iconic Tamarack Gallery in Omena.
Gearing orchard in 1971

Where are Herman’s trees?

The Glen Arbor Sun debuts their new Leelanau Farming Family Series with the beautiful article "Where are Herman’s trees?" by Rebecca Carlson.
Omenas Legacy of Service

Explore Omena’s Legacy of Service

The Omena Historical Society invites you to visit the Putnam-Cloud Tower House Museum or their website for their exhibit honoring veterans.
Corn Days by Mark Smith

Corn Days

Mark got this gorgeous shot near Omena. Here’s hoping you get a chance to bite into some delicious Leelanau sweet corn soon!
Vote for the 2021 Omena Michigan Mayor

2021 Omena Mayor Race Kicks Off!

The Omena Historical Society invites you to participate in the political event of the season, the 2021 election for Mayor of Omena!

Breweries Turning to Michigan (and Leelanau) Hops

An in-depth look at how Michigan breweries are turning to the state's hop industry which gets a lot of its output from right here in the Leelanau Peninsula! Includes a great photo gallery!

Northport in the Civil War

The 1st Michigan Sharpshooters The Northern Express has a…

Leelanau Peninsula Color Tour with Ken Scott

Color Tour ... Leelanau! by Ken Scott Here's a cool tour provided…

Omena Bay … winter panorama by Ken Scott

Ken shot this on Saturday in Omena. Check out his Omena slideshow…

Northport Promise Follies & Silent Auction

The Northport Promise is putting on a Follies show that will…