Cedar River

A beautiful river that winds it way north, from the bottom of the Leelanau Peninsula to South Lake Leelanau. The river bends and twists through the Solon swamp, finally emptying into South Lake Leelanau. The current is negligible so canoers and kayakers will have no problem negotiating the river. Plus, there are many opportunities on this slow-flowing river to notice the beautiful Michigan natural surrounds.

The Cedar River also has year-round appeal. In the spring, birdwatching is popular, while in the summer you can see the bug-eating pitcher plants. During autumn, watch the tamarack trees show off their amazing colors, and in winter be sure to catch the wonderful ice formations on the river.

A cool thing to do: look for wildlife – there are so many cool animals on the cedar river: mink, muskrats, ospreys, kingfishers, swam sparrows, frogs, fish, and turtles. You may even get the rare visual of a deer or two on the shore, although usually the fens are too fragile to hold their weight.



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