1. Do not drive off established park roads.
  2. Always keep your pet on a leash. Pets are not allowed on the Dune Climb or the Manitou Islands, in back country campgrounds, or on hiking trails from December 1 through May 31.
  3. Camp only in campgrounds.
  4. Campfires are permitted only in campgrounds and picnic area fireplaces.
  5. Beach fires are restricted to bare beach sand between the water and the first dune and are not permitted on the Manitou islands.
  6. Do not collect ghost forest wood or other wood on the dunes or disturb plants or natural objects. Campers can collect dead and down wood elsewhere.
  7. You may pick mushrooms and fruit for personal use.
  8. Bicycles are not permitted off roads.
  9. All glass containers and products are prohibited on any land or water area regularly used for swimming, sunbathing, or wading.
  10. Horses are permitted only on the Alligator Hill Hiking Trail.