Facebook Feature: Northern Michigan Surf

Facebook Feature: Northern Michigan SurfFacebook is a great way to connect with people who love Leelanau and Northern Michigan, and we’ll be featuring some of our favorite Facebook pages on the Leelanau blog. Of course you are invited to share them on the Leelanau.com Facebook page as well!

Pyramid Break IIWhile sensible people tend to shun the waters of Lake Michigan in October, many of the folks who frequent Northern Michigan Surf on Facebook are excited because the real surfing season is in full swing!

The heart of the page are updates from the admin and others about where the waves are likely to be breaking. You can also let others know where you’ll be surfing – a great thing because surfing in the fall (or really any time there are big waves) is not something that you want to do alone.

You can check out some great photos that folks have taken and share your own. They also have a cool video that you’ll want to check out!

Surfers will also want to check out the web cam at Sleeping Bear Surf & Kayak in Empire, the Cove at Leland (pan left for the main surfing break) and the cam in Frankfort.

Photo credit: Pyramid Break II by farlane