Featured Blog: Molly's Blog

Mollys OwlMolly recently posted about a strange visitor to her clothing store (Molly’s of Leland):

Sometimes strange things can happen in Leland. One day last spring I had a visitor in the store that I would have never expected. I opened my office door and was surprised (maybe as much as he) by a screech owl. I just received these photos via email from Rebecca Lessard at Wings of Wonder which is a raptor education, rehabilitation and research center in Leelanau County. Rebecca was kind enough to come and rescue this little guy from my store. She thought he was a little on the skinny side, so she kept him for a while, then released him near Empire, MI. The best we could figure, he must have gotten in these old buildings somewhere and ended up entering my store through my basement door…who knows?

She has a bunch of posts on her blog: looks at new products in the store and photos of everything from the holiday decorations to out and about in Leelanau.

Check out Molly’s Blog … and if you have ideas for a better name than “Molly’s Blog” I know she’d love to hear them!