Dancing Northern Lights by Ethan Honke

Fireworks, but quieter

Dancing Northern Lights by Ethan Honke

Dancing Northern Lights from Captures by Ethan

As we get ready for the fireworks, don’t forget about the other nighttime lightshow – the aurora borealis!! They are very possible tonight.

Ethan shared this photo the other night writing “The Northern Lights dance over Lake Michigan early this morning from Leland. There were so many colors…the greens, pinks, purples, and that blood red!! They were still dancing when I called it around 2am. At times the pillars were visible to the human eye with a touch of color, as well a greenish glow on the horizon. Clouds were a bit of an issue at times too. Another night that was well worth losing sleep over. This was just after midnight during a short substorm. 6/28/24 at 12:12am

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