Fishtown fundraising goal reached

Fishtown by OldbrushesThe Enterprise reports that the Fishtown Preservation Society has reached the $2.5 million goal it set to buy Fishtown and are on track to close in early January. Owner Bill Carlson said:

“There are just a couple of details that need to be worked out before we close. We’re very excited and pleased that the Fishtown Preservation Society has reached its fundraising goal so that Fishtown can stay as it is.”

The next phase of the society’s plan for Fishtown will seek to raise an additional $2 million for efforts to maintain and preserve Fishtown’s historic structures, fishing boats and equipment and to create historical interpretation and education programs to reflect the history of commercial fishing on the Great Lakes. The Leelanau Historical Society and the Inland Seas Educational Association have agreed to collaborate in that effort.
Read Over the top in the Leelanau Enterprise. Photo: Fishtown by Oldbrushes