Ghost at the Grand Traverse Lighthouse

Ghost at the Light from tells the tale of Captain Peter Nelson, Danish sailor and keeper of the Grand Traverse Lighthouse, who some believe roams the light 113 years after his death. It’s written by Nelson’s great-great-great-granddaughter Emily Betz Tyra and begins:

Stef Staley, the no-nonsense executive director of the lighthouse museum, is waiting inside. In the fall when it’s quiet Staley hears the most from the ghost that haunts the light. When she’s here alone and everything is all buttoned up she hears someone with hard-soled shoes crossing the hardwood floors. “In the bathroom, I hear voices, in the hall going toward the tower. Then someone walking up the tower. I hear it, I walk out, and there’s not a soul anywhere,” she says. She stares into my eyes.

She’s not the only one who senses the ghost. She tells of a docent volunteer here in April who, anxious and almost embarrassed, reported to her that the night before he felt someone brush past him and then felt a warm flow of air three times in a row. Another volunteer at the admissions desk for the museum sensed a presence, then glanced over to the threshold of the original exterior door and saw a man with his face down, kicking off his boots.

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Photo credit: Grand Traverse Lighthouse courtesy Archives of Michigan.



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