Justice Weaver accuses fellow Supreme Court judges of abuses

Justice Elizabeth WeaverThe Traverse City Record-Eagle reports on the latest from the ongoing war between Leelanau resident Justice Elizabeth A. Weaver and “the majority of four” Supreme Court Justices. On Tuesday, Justice Weaver sent a memorandum to the Governor and State Legislature accusing 4 of her fellow Supreme Court justices of using inaccurate records of meetings to abuse power, revise history and keep their decision-making secret.

“The public’s been kept in the dark on the important issue of judicial disqualification for over a year. This is not a secret club. My duty to the public is to keep them informed of what I believe they need to know.”

Read Justice Weaver slams majority in the Record-Eagle and get background information at justiceweaver.com.

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  1. Jim
    Jim says:

    Dear Justice Weaver…
    Please read this first..
    From studying your web-site & talk show (video) and what happen to another Judge.. who told his court clerk .. He just got tried of it all.. I responded to her
    with this statement.. He was a Judge and just got tried of it all.. tried of the injustice of it all..
    No Judge gets tried of Justice.. Justice is hard to come by…Wisdom of Soloman
    What they are doing to you is a crime.. but a deversary move.. to get you tried of it all..
    There is too much Justice in you.. they know you will not play the Political Game.. Bending
    or to Break the Law.. for this State in these hard times and to become harder.. which they believe the courts must look at the bigger picture of the times .. When some Laws must be Violated..They need Judges who will play ball with them.. They are wrong.. but you are too honest for them.. so they would prefer not to be reminded of your honest & truthful opinions.They have a different agenda .. and prefer that you resign.. like other Judges have resigned..
    Yes… you don’t deserve what they are doing to you.. That’s because you speak the Truth… Justice is hard to come by.. You are Justice & that is hard to come by.. So if you walk away.. Justice & Truth will be impossible to come by.. in the People Courts..
    When this State & the People needs it the most.. in hard times…
    Yes.. you are right.. People in High Places are the servants of the People.. that’s Truth
    They don’t believe that.. therefore they are not of the truth.. & servants of themselves…
    God knows you have served his people a long time.. & the people are not always thankful. hard people.. So if you decided to leave.. nobody could blame you for doing so..
    Being a Truthful & Honest Judge.. has to be the Hardest Job in the World.. God’s Job…
    from the untitled

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