Last day for Pigstock tickets!

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The annual Pigstock TC Dinner takes place on Wednesday, October 23 at 6 PM at the Hagerty Center. The evening features dishes prepared by some of our leading chefs that feature different parts of the Mangalitsa pig. This seven-course, wine-paired dinner showcases some of our best local talent all in one room and is a fundraiser for Taste the Local Difference.

Featured Chefs

“It’s all fun. This is an opportunity for us to catch up after a busy summer season and have some fun with the local Mangalitsa pigs that we’ve been feeding all year long with our compost,” Paul Olson says. ”My favorite part is tasting what our talented chefs do each year with the different parts of the animal.”

Regarding the process, Eric Patterson adds “There’s not a lot of ego up here. We all got together and everyone picked out the pieces of the pig they wanted. On the night of the event we each pitch in and help plate everyone’s dish. There’s a lot of camaraderie.”

Dinner admission is $125.00 per person and sales end on Monday, October 14th so get your tickets before they’re gone!

Michael RuhlmannAlso don’t miss the luncheon fundraiser for 10 Cents a Meal for School Kids & Farms, a project that will help schools in northwest Lower Michigan buy and serve locally grown fruits and vegetables at lunch. Prepared by students from The Great Lakes Culinary Institute, this locally sourced lunch will feature renowned food writer, Michael Ruhlman speaking about healthy foods in schools. Speaking of Ruhlman, here’s a link to Michael’s reflections on his Pigstock experience two years ago which he called one of the most inspiring days of his life Monday.

Click the pig for even more about Pigstock!

Click the pig for even more about Pigstock!

The entire Pigstock week focuses on the slaughter & butchery of the pig, and Eric offers his thoughts on the importance of events like this. “The butchers are all masters at what they do, and each piece comes off in its particular order – it’s fantastic to watch. The organizers allow us to attend, and I’ve sent several members of my staff because it’s important for young cooks to be reminded that we’re on the receiving end. Something has to die for us to do what we do, so respect the ingredients.”

Photo credits: David Eger who says that this delicious looking dessert was quick-cured & maple-glazed pork belly, ricotta torta, Honeycrisp applesauce. View his full Pigstock TC slideshow on Flickr. Be warned though – the event takes chefs through every phase of processing the Mangalitsa pig so there is some blood & gore!