Leelanau Almanac for the Week of June 28 – July 4th, 2007

Waterline by Andy McFarlane

Waterline by Andy McFarlane

News from the Week

Stories from this vacation-filled week included a look at this weekend’s Cedar Polka Festival and the redesign of the Leelanau.com home page.

The Week’s Weather

The week’s weather was a throw back to June’s I remember: 60s and 70s with a mix of sun and rain – a far cry from the solid run of sun and 80s we saw earlier in the month.

June 28, 2007: Partly sunny & low 60s (64Ëš/51Ëš)
June 29, 2007: Sunny & 70 (71Ëš/51Ëš)
June 30, 2007: Sunny & low 70s (72Ëš/46Ëš)
July 1, 2007: Sunny & upper 60s (69Ëš/43Ëš)
July 2, 2007: Mostly cloudy, a few sprinkles & low 70s (73Ëš/50Ëš)
July 3, 2007: Mostly cloudy, some rain & upper 70s (80Ëš/57Ëš)
July 4, 2007: Early fog, then sunny & low 80s w/ evening showers (84Ëš/69Ëš)

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