Leelanau Almanac for the Week of June 30 – July 5, 2006

Fourth of July Fireworks

News from the Week

The top story for the week was news that the owners of a controversial piece of property in Elmwood Township are floating the idea that it could become home for a performing arts center that would host the Traverse Symphony Orchestra, a home for the Traverse City zoo, a convention center and/or botanical gardens. Other stories included a guide to the 80th National Cherry Festival and news that the Leelanau Township Community Foundation has set up a grant fund to help cover costs of sewer hookups for low income residents (sadly, my sources have informed me that the Northport Sewer issue is NOT over, killing hopes of restarting the Leelanau Forum).

The Week’s Weather

We had a “better than forecast” Fourth of July Weekend. While I understand that nobody wants to take their vacation amidst ceaseless rain (or be the weatherman blamed for said rain), I do wish there was some way to get the weather forecasters to admit that a 30% chance of rain is a 70% chance of no rain – I think we lose a lot of tourism dollars in Michigan due to overly grim forecasts. What do you think?
June 29, 2006: Mostly sunny & upper 70s (80Ëš/52Ëš)
June 30, 2006: Mostly sunny & 80 (82Ëš/62Ëš)
July 1, 2006: Partly sunny, rain & a thunderstorm (84Ëš/63Ëš)
July 2, 2006: Mostly sunny & upper 80s (88Ëš/68Ëš)
July 3, 2006: Partly sunny & 80s (88Ëš/62Ëš)
July 4, 2006: Sunny & 70 (73Ëš/61Ëš)
July 5, 2006: Partly cloudy & upper 60s (73Ëš/50Ëš)

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