Leelanau Almanac for the Week of March 22 – 28, 2007

Springtime & Maple Sap by Jim Sorbie

Springtime & Maple Sap, photo by Jim Sorbie

News from the Week

The top story (in my opinion) was the re-emergence of spring peepers and an article we did over at Absolute Michigan all about these harbingers of spring. Other stories from the week included the posting of preliminary input from from the Leelanau Tourism Initiative listening sessions, the latest on Leelanau resident and Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Weaver’s struggle with some fellow justices on the court, how much of a late-year budget bite area schools would face under the latest Senate proposal and a cool old photo of the Merc and Leland’s Main Street from years ago.

The Week’s Weather

The weather was quite nice: lots of sun, most of the rain at night and temps in the 60s and 50s. It looks like a classic case of “In like a lion, out like a lamb.”

March 22, 2007: Morning rain, then partly cloudy & 50s (57Ëš/34Ëš)
March 23, 2007: Mostly sunny & 60 (62Ëš/30Ëš)
March 24, 2007: Cloudy & low 50s (54Ëš/36Ëš)
March 25, 2007: Brief morning rain, then mostly sunny & upper 60s (68Ëš/39Ëš) Record High!
March 26, 2007: Partly sunny & upper 60s (71Ëš/48Ëš) Tied Record High!
March 27, 2007: Cloudy & low 50s (52Ëš/39Ëš)
March 28, 2007: Early clouds, afternoon sun & low 50s (52Ëš/37)

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