Leelanau Almanac for the Week of September 20-26, 2007

Ready for the picking by Andy McFarlane

Photo: Ready for the picking by Andy McFarlane

News from the Week

Most of the news was again fall event listings, but there was a detailed report on the 2007 Tour de Leelanau that featured photos, results, video and a biker’s account of the race. In less than happy news, we also took a look at metallic sulfide mining, a threat to Michigan’s rivers and Great Lakes.


Fall color is coming on fast – more and more yellows and reds (still a lot of green though). The weather was up and down and highlighted by an amazing weekend and a record-hot day.

September 20, 2007: Partly sunny & upper 60s (70Ëš/55Ëš)
September 21, 2007: Mostly cloudy, some rain & 80s (84Ëš/61Ëš)
September 22, 2007: Mostly sunny & low 70s (74Ëš/52Ëš)
September 23, 2007: Sunny & upper 70s (79Ëš/48Ëš)
September 24, 2007: Sunny & upper 80s (89Ëš/57Ëš) Record High!
September 25, 2007: Mostly cloudy, some rain & upper 70s (79Ëš/63Ëš)
September 26, 2007: Mostly cloudy, light rain & 60 (63Ëš/46Ëš)

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