Leelanau Almanac for Week of Jan 7 – Jan 13

Looking for some things to do? Check out The Bay Select Film Series – Seraphine or a Free Presentation on Citizen Journalism. Or on Febrary 14, plan on attending the . The Winter Wine Wonderland committee is still taking submissions for artists. Also starting this week is the Father Fred Frostbite Food Drive. We had a special guest post this week, Houdek Dunes by Rory Price. This is originally from the Beechnut Review, the online literary magazine of Leland School. And our Photo Friday was Leland Sunset by dancingfrogz.

Jan 12: Cloudy & 31 with 24″ of snow(33/31)
Jan 11: Snow & 27 with 24″ of snow (27/20)
Jan 10: Partly cloudy & 19 with 24″ of snow(28/9)
Jan 9: Partly cloudy & 11 with 24″ of snow (21/1)
Jan 8: Partly cloudy & 21 with 24″ of snow(24/17)
Jan 7: Partly cloudy & 24 with 24″ of snow(26/22)

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Photo: Tis the Season by Jackson Thomson