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Here it is, 1998 already. As you're checking out the issue(s) below, you can click in and use the back and next buttons to browse the entire issue.
'98 winter issue
[NMJ: 1998 Winter Issue]
January 4, 1998
When the Lights Go Out by Andrew L. McFarlane

Northern Exposure by Jim Rink

Internet Ski Column by Jim Neff

Old Harry by Phil Ropp

The Young One by Andrew L. McFarlane

NMJ Poetry: Noel by James Mitchell

Seasonal Break by Mark Smith

What We Do by Gwen Foor

NMJ Fiction: The Boy Who Stole the Moon

Genesis 1:3.97 by David Sutherland

The Path Always Taken by Duncan Sprattmoran

'98 spring issue
[NMJ: 1998 Spring Issue]
March 20, 1998
Flower Power by Jim Rink

Extreme Ice by Mark Smith

Pyramids Unearthed by April Phule

Down to the Garden by Andrew L. McFarlane

Work by M. Klosner

NMJ Fiction: Tool and Die by Dan Foley

Meadowlark Farm by Jenny Tutlis

With Your Smile by Mark Phillips

'98 summer issue
[NMJ: 1998 Summer Issue]
May 22, 1998
Loon Watch by Luanne Jaruzel

Pentecost Sunday by James Mitchell

The Theory & Practice of Cherry Fighting by Larry Franks

Local Hero by Mark Smith

Reflection: The Lens of Memory

Great Lakes Shipwreck Conservation by Brendon Balliod

NMJ Book Review: The Legend of the Sleeping Bear

Ice Cream Girl by Suzanne Smith

Aunt Maxine by Julie L. Vance

'98 fall issue
[Northern Michigan Journal FALLISSUE]
September 8, 1998
Remission by Mark Smith

Last Day by Jerry Dennis

Coffee in Situ by Larry D. Griffin

Garlic by Andrew L. McFarlane

Beaver Island's Outdoor Sculpture Gallery by Jeff J. Cashman

A South Manitou Journey by Tom Oswald

Ripening by Duncan Sprattmoran

Big Two-Hearted River by Doug Tanoury

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