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'01 winter issue
[NMJ: 2001 Winter Issue]
January 2, 2001
Winter Thunder by Jerry Dennis

Photos from Leelanau by Ken Scott

The Island by Mark Smith

Review of Bourcier, Julin, & Wolff's Live at St. Andrew's by Andrew L. McFarlane

Crackling Orange by Eric Sundquist

Long Shadows and Country Dogs by Tom Paré

Understanding Winter by Thomas M. Springer

Edge of the Earth by Ryan C. Sjoholm

The Dunes in Winter by Jerry Dennis

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'01 summer issue
[NMJ: 2001 Summer Issue]
July 8, 2001
Movie Star Night by Anna Jonsson

The Long Winter by Mark Smith

Driving the Amish by Tom Springer

Aral: A Folk Opera by Andrew L. McFarlane

Of Boats and Trains and the River by Tom Paré

Fishing Down The Blues by RC Rutherford

Zen and the Terns of Manitou by Eric P. Mayer

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