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Holiday Gift Guide

Last year at this time, Northern Michigan held a limited number of opportunities for online shopping. Thanks in large part to a relentless fascination with all things Internet on the part of the media and large companies, the selection both locally and otherwise has grown tremendously. Here are a few of our picks for the Holiday Season:

Cherry Gift Boxes

Glen Arbor's own Cherry Republic features a wide range of cherry products from dried cherries to cherry salsa. A variety of gift boxes allow you to select just the right package. And the anonymous nature of the Internet will ensure that no one will know if you keep back a couple of bags of cherry nut mix (yum) for yourself.

Forest Flowers

These sculptures are exquisite works in metal and porcelain that are perfect for that aunt you never know what to get.

Peace Poles

You might be surprised to know that a goodly number of the Peace Poles you see here and there come from northern Michigan: Joe and Carol Spaulding's Maple City based Peace Pole Makers USA, to be precise. Last year one staff member sent the message of peace on earth to his entire family with desktop versions.

Stay Warm!

Flannely and fleecy comfort. Yup. From nightshirts to boxers to the ever popular Sherpa Top, we spell comfortable J-J-S-K-I-V-V-E-E.

You don't have to get your feet wet to enjoy fish...Glenn Wolff offers some nice black and white and color prints and music from his new CD.

Leelanau Gift Guide

A giant list of local retailers, featuring all kinds of unique gift ideas. The Flight of the Reindeer should have a place in the stocking of someone who appreciates a well spun tale. No doubt you have a favorite one. Send it in, we'll add it to the list!

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