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Flight of the Reindeer
The True Story of Santa Claus and His Christmas Mission
by Andrew L. McFarlane

To every child who has witnessed the evidence: cookie crumbs, the stub of a carrot, an empty glass of milk, the dramatic findings of Robert Sullivan in Flight of the Reindeer will come as no surprise. Santa exists, reindeer fly, and if you doubt it and (especially) if you do not, then get out and buy a copy of this marvelous work.

In the true style of the modern scientist, Sullivan has assembled an overwhelming body of evidence and expert testimony from the likes of mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary, zoologist Tony Vecchio and polar explorer Will Steger. Even former President George Bush adds a little to the credible case, revealing his (and every other President's) yearly signing of an international accord to clear polar airspace for Santa.

Sullivan is joined by northern Michigan artist Glenn Wolff and design director J. Porter. The result is a delightful sleigh ride through the history of Santa and his marvelous team as well as the "hard" science and logistics behind the yearly delivery of gifts to the world's children. To close, the opening words of Robert Sullivan and some corroborating visual evidence from Glenn Wolff:

As a boy, I knew with certainty that reindeer could fly. As I grew older, I had my doubts. But now -- matured and sound of mind -- I know again that reindeer can fly.
Editor's Note: Though this review ran originally one year ago, the book is still well worth your consideration!!

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