Winter Issue: 2001
Winter Issue: 2001
Winter Thunder by Jerry Dennis

Photos from Leelanau by Ken Scott

The Island by Mark Smith

Review of Bourcier, Julin, & Wolff's Live at St. Andrew's by Andrew L. McFarlane

Crackling Orange by Eric Sundquist

Long Shadows and Country Dogs by Tom Paré

Understanding Winter by Thomas M. Springer

Edge of the Earth by Ryan C. Sjoholm

The Dunes in Winter by Jerry Dennis
Winter Issue: 2000
Winter Issue: 2000
Camp Coffee by Jerry Dennis

Aliens Ate My Dinner by Andrew L. McFarlane

What I Learned in School by Mark Smith

Winter's Touch by M.A. Michaels

Dotwhatever by Andrew L. McFarlane

Leelanau Voices: Paul Maleski by Peter M. and Betty L. Mann

Snowfall, Snowdevil, etc. by Davin Granroth

Dogs of the Cove by Jen Watkins
Winter Issue: 1999
Winter Issue: 1999
Views from the Sleeping Bear - Book Excerpt

Don't Cry For Me Cincinnati by Mark Smith

Home Again by Jerry Dennis

The Stupid Pursuit of Bay Hockey by Larry Alan Franks

A Living Monument by Andrew L. McFarlane

A Hundred Trees by Anna Jonsson
Winter Issue: 1998
[NMJ: Winter Seasonal Edition]
When the Lights Go Out by Andrew L. McFarlane

Northern Exposure by Jim Rink

Internet Ski Column by Jim Neff

Old Harry by Phil Ropp

The Young One by Andrew L. McFarlane

NMJ Poetry: Noel by James Mitchell

NMJ Fiction: The Boy Who Stole the Moon

Genesis 1:3.97 by David Sutherland

Winter Highlights
Snow in Northern Michigan
Nature Baroque - Snowflakes & Crystals by Jerry Dennis

Port Oneida by Andrew L. McFarlane

What We Do by Gwen Foor

Seasonal Break by Mark Smith

Winter Camping by Andrew L. McFarlane

The Path Always Taken by Duncan Sprattmoran

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