Northport School Board commits to keeping high school open

The Enterprise reports that the Northport Public School Board voted 5-1 to commit to keeping Northport High School open. According to the paper:

Northport High School junior Betsy Shiner has one more year of school to complete before she moves on to college and embarks on the rest of her life … “We live in a small town, we should have a small school. I love being at school. It’s great to have a family here like we do at this school. We get more attention from the staff. We need to take advantage of that and keep it open.”

Read Board: Keep school open in the Leelanau Enterprise and also see the Northport School web site.



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  1. Joe Herzog
    Joe Herzog says:

    Safety must be the first concern as to whether schools should remain open on any day. Looking outside, taking into consideration the weather report for the rest of the day, this should be a day schools remain closed.

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