Olean’s Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in Northport now open!

Olean’s Provisioning Center in Northport is celebrating their opening as Leelanau County’s first cannabis dispensary. They are located at 776 N. Mill Street in Northport & open seven days a week from 11-7 PM for customers 21+. The Leelanau Ticker reports:

There was a prolonged launch for the county’s first-ever adult-use provisioning center — due initially to a referendum vote and later to working through the regulatory rigors of recreational licensing. Through those two years, owner and Northport resident Daniel Caudill never strayed from his original concept: a modern, apothecary-inspired dispensary with customized service for both locals and travelers to the county.

“The team is just really excited to share everything we’ve been working on for the past two years. Our beautiful space, and the product,” he says. “We want to learn more about what people are looking for and tailor the experience…and just make sure everyone that comes feels welcome and comfortable.”

One very cool thing they’re doing is offering a 10% discount to customers who present a receipt for that day from any Northport business – an excellent way for a business that is sure to be a big draw to “share the wealth” with their community!

Check out Olean’s on Instagram or their Facebook page.

Regarding their definitive sculpture Jo’Lean, Olean’s shared (with video) on their Instagram:

Yes she has a polka dot bikini. Welcome Jo’Lean! An original #uniroyalgal probably from the mid-sixties. Supposedly the person who sculpted her loved #jackiekennedy and Jo’Lean is in her likeness. She was laying in a field in Kentucky for years and was purchased for $150. She then went to Ohio into a backyard forgotten. Our amazing friends @chet_offensive and @kyleevansdesign discovered her and had her painstakingly restored from the years of neglect. Thanks to them she now sits in front of our tiny store at 776 N. Mill St. in Northport Michigan. Then with a little muscle from our friends @britteninc who figured out how to install her. Come say hi to Jo’Lean , she’s not camera shy! Follow @americangiants for more #uniroyalgal information.