Petition for Broadband in Leelanau County

There’s a petition for county government to take a role in broadband access for Leelanau Peninsula that we strongly urge you to review and support. The preamble and text state:

Leelanau County continues to fall behind with regards to to adequate Broadband internet access, due to unserved, and under-served areas. Geographically, Leelanau County has been bypassed by affordable and accessible middle mile infrastructure upon which last-mile services can be built. As education, emergency management, telecommuting, and commerce are more and more dependent upon adequate internet access, We hereby request your acceptance of the need and necessity, and demonstrate interest and show of support as the elected representatives of the People of Leelanau County.

We, the undersigned, request the Leelanau County Board of Commissioners to support and solicit through the “Request for Proposal” for the development of a middle mile broadband open access network.

Click here to view and sign the petition!

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  1. Bill Ross
    Bill Ross says:

    I fully support this broadband initiative as the current situation is an impediment to sustaining a business, growing a business or attracting a business.

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