Photo of the Week: Sundrenched by jakphoto


This week’s photo is Sundrenched by jakphoto. See it bigger and in his slideshow and see more photos from this week in Leelanau in the Leelanau(dot)com group slideshow on Flickr.

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  1. Andrew McFarlane
    Andrew McFarlane says:

    Despite yet another gloomy outlook, we had a great weekend of weather, prompting me to wonder if our weather forecasters are paid by the “We Hate Northern Michigan’s Tourist Industry Association”. Seriously, it’s not that hard to say “partly sunny” instead of “partly cloudy” and that can make a world of difference in people’s weekend plans.

  2. Don Klemm
    Don Klemm says:

    just got back from a Leelanau peninsula weekend. the weather was great altho cool, colors were popping! climbed a lighthouse, tasted wine, ate great food….thanks, Leelanau!!

  3. Andrew McFarlane
    Andrew McFarlane says:

    To folks who are posting attacks on a Northport official – we removed your comment. is not a forum for undocumented attacks on people.

    The craziness around the Northport sewer made sure of that.


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