Record Leelanau Voter Turnout Possible, Lots on the Ballot!

Voting is PatrioticThe Leelanau Enterprise reports that a record or near record voter turnout is expected for the Tuesday, November 7th election. While Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land has estimated that 3.4 million Michiganders will turn out for the election (about 45% of the state’s 7.1 million registered voters), a much higher percentage of Leelanau’s 18,149 county voters are registered to cast ballots. Read Big election turnout seen in the Enterprise.
If you would like to get information on the election, how about a trip to the very useful (and non-partisan) Publius Voter Information Center? By entering your name and zip code you can check to see if you are registered and view the actual ballot you’ll see. With links to information about the proposals and questions, it’s one link you should definitely have in your favorites!

Check out the 2006 Leelanau Ballot Issues at the Leelanau County Government web site.

However you vote, and whoever you vote for, please cast your vote and honor the great gift that has been given to you.