Supermoon Summer

Super Moon over West Bay by Ken Scott Photography

Super Moon over West Bay by Ken Scott Photography

The good people at EarthSky share that the next three months offer a whopping FOUR supermoons in a row!!

According to astrophysicist Fred Espenak – formerly at the Goddard Space Flight Center and best known for his work on eclipse predictions – the full moon on the American overnight of July 2-3, 2023, is the first in a series of four full supermoons in a row.

Watch on or about these dates:

  • July 2-3 overnight
  • August 1 morning or evening
  • August 30-31 overnight
  • September 28-29 overnight

…do supermoons look brighter than ordinary full moons? Yes! By a noticeable amount. That’s because a supermoon exceeds the disk size of an average-sized moon by up to 8% and the brightness of an average-sized full moon by some 16%. And then, it exceeds the disk size of a micromoon (a year’s most distant and therefore smallest full moon) up to 14% and the brightness of a micromoon by some 30%. So, go outside on the night of a full supermoon. Even if you’re a casual observer of the moon, there’s a chance you’ll notice the supermoon is exceptionally bright!

Learn lots more about supermoons at EarthSky & see lots more of Ken’s photos on his Facebook page and at!