Suttons Bay Blues Festival

Suttons Bay Blues Festival

blues_festAn exciting venue is making its way to the shores of Suttons Bay this summer, as the area hosts its first Blues Festival. Graciously stepping into the role of Jazz Festivals past, this one-day event summons the best of Blues and brings it center stage to Leelanau County. What participants can expect to see and enjoy is an extravaganza of stellar music complimented by local eats, wine and cider, and even Moomer’s will bring ice cream to cool off the smokin’ summers blues sets.

The line-up for the Blues Festival includes: Harper, Sneaky Pete, Pete Fetter’s Electric Band with Sonny Landreth as the headliner. Sonny brings an unusual sound to the festival, and coordinators are particularly excited to share his performance.

Though I am no blues aficionado, nor have I ever seen Sonny Landreth in person, watching some video clips of this outrageous talent was enough to make me want to salivate. A guitar is a guitar, right? Not exactly. Sonny has created his own style of slide guitar playing, employing both his hands but using his right hand in an almost conductive manner, he appears to be “telling” the guitar what to do, and amazingly–she complies! To lovers of blues and seasoned musicians, Sonny’s accolades come straight from the top–Eric Clapton. No one will be disappointed. Seeing this man perform will drop the jaws of even novice blues fans.

I jokingly made a comment to some friends the other day that “blue” was the official color of Leelanau County; the joke seems to have some staying power and the Blues Festival brings yet another shade to the already prolific palate: blue water, blue sky, blue stones, and now–the Blues Fest! The origins of Blues music, an African-American history in the south, spreads its infectious rhythms to our region; this unique and rich area is gifted with the good fortune of people that appreciate music and art at big city caliber. This festival offers another chance to experience the magic of Blues music, set against the backdrop of a gorgeous Northern Michigan lakeside town, enriching our region with another brilliant hue of blue.

The festival is schedule for Saturday, July 25th, from noon until 9pm. Tickets are widely available at local retailers or online at; organizers are holding the tickets at $20 advance/$25 door, making the show accessible to everyone.



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  1. farlane
    farlane says:

    The Chamber is looking for volunteers for the Blues Fest and has free tickets for you if you can help them out!

    Call Sally at 271-9895 if you are interested!

  2. Jason Ritter
    Jason Ritter says:

    I would like to thank all the volunteers that came to help us out we couldent have done it without you

  3. Rowena
    Rowena says:

    Thanks from your English visitors for a superb event. Everyone we spoke to was extremely helpful and welcoming; we’ll certainly recommend Sutton’s Bay to our UK friends.
    The Festival was a wonderful day out. We thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon bands and Sonny Landreth’s set made the 9000-mile trip worth every inch of the effort (and even jetlag…). Landreth is a rare talent and we treasure the opportunity to be able to enjoy his music in such a great setting.
    And we’re glad that we didn’t bring too much English weather with us!
    Rowena & Frank

  4. mary sloan
    mary sloan says:

    Interested in information on this summer’s blues festive in Sutton’s Bay. Address 8475 hidden dr Middleville, mi 49333

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