Suttons Bay Streetscape Project

courtesy The Grand Vision

Planning documents for the new street enhancement project for St. Joseph/M22 through Suttons Bay are posted online. A series of four workshops gathered input from the public with the goal of creating a safe and calm traffic system while achieving a streetscape design that addresses the needs of the community and preserves the present character of the Village. The principles they worked with were many of the same principles and concerns identified by the Grand Vision:

  • Development of a safe, attractive and inviting street environment
  • Connectivity of the business district, waterfront, recreation and community neighborhoods
  • Specific street design for the corridor, including proposed lane adjustments, medians (if proposed)
  • Improved and redesigned intersections, pedestrian crossings, bicycle lanes, ADA compliant sidewalks, parking
  • Landscaping, planters, street trees, street lights, benches, garbage receptacles and bike racks, public art
  • Stormwater control, promote environmental protection.

Click the link above to see PDFs of the streetscape!