Suttons Bay top 20 in Airbnb tax collection

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Leelanau an Airbnb Hot Spot

mLive reports that the vacation rental app Airbnb started collecting Michigan’s 6% tax on rentals of 30 days or less. On their list, Suttons Bay clocked in at #19 in tax collection with Traverse City #1:

Based on 2016 numbers, at least $1.5 million was expected funnel from Airbnb customers to the state.

Based on the first three months, that projection was way off. Airbnb sent $960,000 in tax remittance to the state for July, August and September. The amount ” dwarfs even the most aggressive initial projections,” according to Airbnb. Those months corresponded to the high tourism periods in the state, including Labor Day weekend.

There were 168,000 Airbnb guest arrivals to Michigan over that three-month stretch. During that time, those guests paid $24.6 million to Michigan residents who share their homes or investment properties on Airbnb — reflecting over 90% growth over the same three-month stretch in 2016.