Wind Project Will Wait for Ordinance

Wind Turbines by Matt LyonsThe Record-Eagle reports that plans for a wind farm in Centerville Township are on hold until at least next year while the township drafts a zoning ordinance to regulate commercial windmills. Industrial wind company Noble Environmental Power has agreed to not submit a formal application until the wind energy ordinance is completed. According to the story:

The Connecticut-based company, which specializes in wind energy, earlier this year identified about 8,000 acres of land along County Road 645 north of Cedar as suitable for a cluster of wind turbines that each would stand nearly 400 feet tall and could generate up to 1.5 megawatts of power.

Read Proposed wind farm on hold in the Traverse City Record-Eagle and get more information about wind power in Michigan at Absolute Michigan keyword “wind energy”.

photo credit: Wind Turbines by Matt Lyons 



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  1. Bill
    Bill says:

    Wind turbines are currently credited with killing up to 40,000 birds per month.
    Add this to the inefficiency of the turbine and you have a very expensive killing machine which provides no real benefit to the population.

    We are going to ruin the beauty of Northern Michigan for a mid evil technology.

  2. Steve
    Steve says:

    I don’t know the total figure of wind turbines in the US, but there are thousands in California alone.

    BTW, I killed a bird this morning heading to the post office. Should we quit driving to?

  3. Brandon
    Brandon says:

    wind farms are a very reliable supplement to oil power no they Don’t make all the power an area needs but the new designs kill very little birds and are not mid evil technology.

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