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David Grath

David lives on a farm midway between Northport and Leland and is daily confronted with a view of the Manitou Islands.

"I've been looking at those islands for 34 years, daily during the last half of that time. I've become convinced that they're not even anchored to the bottom, that they float like some kind of ponderous aquatic creatures. They move so much during the course of a day--their relationship to each other and the mainland seems to change all the time. Some days they disappear entirely--I think they're off visiting friends in Wisconsin."

"I try not to think too much while painting. Thinking really does interfere with the process of play...I think primarily about mystery--I'm not interested in revealing the mysteries of the natural world, but in showing the mystery inherent in the interplay of the light, the shadow and the depth."

"When I was younger and studying abstract art, I probably said something like: 'If I'm forty and painting islands and landscapes, I'll shoot myself'. Now, I not only find the islands as a fabulous presence worthy of attention, but I think that if I were chained to a post on the beach and had nothing to paint but water, sky and those two islands, I'd be very happy...provided someone brought me cheeseburgers on a timely basis."

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