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Northern Michigan Artist
Nancy Stuck

Nancy lives and works in Traverse City, where she balances her art with 3 sons and a husband. Her work can be seen at the Bella Galleria on Old Mission, and at periodic shows throughout the year.

"I started in computer graphics. The color is so different--so saturated, and very overwhelming. I guess I just got oversaturated myself. The carbon pencil technique that I use I learned in a medical illustration class. I like realism, and I thought that this technique would lend itself to fine art."

"Art history is phenomonally important--it's the visual interpretation of what society was going through. What was valued, what was discarded. By looking at the artwork, you can see how the society was (and is) changing. Up here, we see landscape is coming that because the area attracts landscape artists or because the landscape itself changes artists?"

"The light is so rich up here--I'm never bored with what I'm looking at. Such clean landscapes...and there's always another in any direction that you turn."

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