2008 Traverse City Film Festival

The Crowd - Raffi AppelLeelanau.com is a sponsor of the annual Traverse City Film Festival. We do this because it’s one of the coolest events in our area year after year. Through the work of hundreds of volunteers, our area is able to host a film festival that can stand eye to eye with almost any in the world.

I really hope that you take some time, and some chances to see some of the great films that are still available like Anvil (which will be followed by a live performance of the band), Hamlet 2, Trumbo and many more. Even if you can’t catch a film, there are filmmaker panels every morning at 10 AM at the Opera House and all kinds of things happening all over town like the premier of locally filmed movie Blind Pursuit at Inside Out Gallery (click for a trailer) and free movies on the big, big screen at the Open Space.

You can also follow along with photos from the TCFF Flickr and Traverse City Film Festival photo group and the TCFF blog which is updated constantly!

The photo is The Crowd by Raffi Appel and it’s one of many in the Traverse City Film Festival 2007 slideshow.